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Termite Treatment & Warranties

R House Home Services provides the best termite treatment and warranty you can find. Termites are very destructive to homes on the Gulf Coast so choosing a termite company is vitally important. Even though the State of Florida provides regulations on treatment it is extremely important to educate yourself on the type of treatment, the product and the amount being used, and the warranty offered by the termite company. Prices will vary between the different treatment styles and warranties so be sure to compare apples-to-apples.

Type of Treatment

For Homeowners: Post-Construction Termite Treatment

Treating a home after construction is often very perplexing to the homeowner.  At R House Home Services we believe that the complete and integrated treatment plan is the best for every home.  We also believe that the termidicide application is only the beginning of the process in keeping your home termite free.

There are three steps that should be followed in treating a post construction home.

  1. Call a R House Professional for help. Why?  Our technicians are trained in the termite biology and behavior and can recognize & prevent problems before they occur.
  2. Our technicians can develop a treatment strategy  that is the best defensive plan to keep termites out of your home or to get them out.
  3. Thorough annual inspections by your termite technician.

At R House Home Services our technicians are trained to not only to look for termites but to identify any contributing factors that might make your home or property conducive or vulnerable to termite entry.  We look for these factors before we do the initial treatment and during the annual inspection and renewal process. The technician then reports them to you so that any problem can be addressed or fixed.  In doing this we work as a team with you to help keep your home termite free.

Our Warranties   

The termite damage or treatment warranty is the most important part of protecting your home. It guarantees that if something happens the termite company will take care of it. We are extremely proud of our warranties here at R House Home Services. We take pride in the fact that our warranty is easy to read and understand. You will find that we are very open to review this with you so that you fully understand what we do and do not cover. We offer both a full damage replacement warranty and a re-treatment warranty, allowing us to warranty every treated structure, even if the structure does not qualify for a full damage replacement warranty.


Soil Treatment with Wood Borate Treatment & Final Grade Wrap

The Soil Treatment is the only way to get to every subterranean entry point of termites. Our Soil treatment is a three stage process starting with treating the soil and plumbing areas under the slab with Fipronil based products which are currently Taurus SC and Termidor. Stage two is treating the wood frame with Bora-Care from the bottom plate up. Stage three is a final grade wrap with Taurus SC or Termidor once the final grading and landscaping is completed around the house.